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A sought-after speaker and presenter, Bobby is skilled at communicating complex topics in actionable ways.

Bobby's enthusiastic seminars challenge listeners to reflect, strategize, and execute to increase their efficiency in education.

He is consistently seen as a visionary leader who strives to create a positive mindset among his listeners. Teachers and leaders leave ready to make the impact that education sorely


Some Presentation Topics:
  • Equity Habits: Changing Your School Trajectory One Decision At A Time

  • Culture Wars: Why The Mood of Your School Matters

  • Don't Hit Send: Why Discipline Referrals Might Kill Your Climate


$18 billion is spent annually on professional development, yet, teachers describe their training using words like 'boring, ineffective, and outdated.'


At Liberation Lab, we use customized, culturally responsive tools so that our schools can return to being the safe and inclusive spaces they were intended to be.


Our workshops are built on the belief that culturally responsive teachers and leaders are the key to student


Some of our Offerings:
  • Becoming A Restorative School Series

  • Antiracism and You Series

  • The Liberated Educator: A Guide To Restorative Practices

Our Signature Series
Phase 1 - Self
  • Teachers and leaders will develop deeper understandings of race and culture.
    They will also explore how personal cultural identity shapes teaching practices.
Phase 2 - Survey
  • Teachers and leaders will study the broader community context.
  • Take inventory of school systems and their effect on community relationships and student outcomes.
Phase 3 - Study
  • Teachers and leaders will examine practices and pedagogy.

  • Implement qualitative data for lesson planning & centering students' voices.

Phase 4 - Start
  • Implement culturally responsive lesson plans with acquired data.
  • Perform data collection in real time to measure lesson effectiveness.
Phase 5 - Sharpen
  • School leaders and teacher coaches will utilize framework and data to refine lesson plans and implementation.

  • School leaders will assess areas of power distribution and divestment. Reflect and redefine metrics of success.



Mr. Hughes, Teacher
NYC Public Schools

Our presenter was very knowledgeable and real! It was refreshing to have a training from an educator who is in the classroom every day and understands the challenges we face. He showed us from personal experience that these practices are effective, but also take time, commitment, and consistency. Very helpful training!


Ms. Walker, Teacher

NYC Public Schools

Thank you! You made a workshop that could have been 'boring' interesting. You shared great information and brought your personality and experiences into the presentation creating more buy-in.


Dr. Miriam Murtuza, Teacher
St. Stephen's

Bobby is clearly a skilled presenter and facilitator of discussion.


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