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Bobby Morgan

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Meet Bobby Morgan, founder of Liberation Lab™

Bobby Morgan is more than just a speaker – he's a catalyst for visionary change within education. With a dedication to igniting transformative shifts, Bobby empowers audiences to boldly step into their educator role of disruption impacting the world.

Drawing from over fifteen years of immersive experience in education, Bobby's journey spans diverse roles, including school board, dynamic administration, and impactful teaching. His expertise is rooted in real-world engagement, making his insights relatable and impactful.


Radio & Podcasts

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Signature Topics

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Why Discipline Referrals Are Killing Your School Climate

Equity Habits: Changing Your School Trajectory One Decision At a Time

Other Topics Include:

Educational Equity

School Leadership

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Teacher Leadership Development

Social Justice

Racial Justice

Restorative Practices

Culture Wars: Why The Mood of Your School Matters

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