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Your Ideas Deserve Attention.

School leaders need a comprehensive understanding of the organization, which includes multiple perspectives, including your own.

Tired of ideas stalling with no traction?

'Managing up' involves the art of advocating for an idea up the hierarchy of the organization. This means tapping into the significance of strategically approaching communication with both managers and peers, as well as the skill of handling priorities and expectations adeptly. Furthermore, perfecting the method of conveying ideas must be coupled with the art of adeptly receiving suggestions and feedback.

What if you could transform your supervisor's blind spots into valuable opportunities?

The frustrations you feel at your school, when reframed, arm you with the skill needed to influence that supervisor, assistant principal, principal, or district leader.  Does this sound familiar?

These individuals might exhibit one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Brand new to their role,

  • Tending to be completely hands-off or distracted,

  • Displaying tendencies of a micromanager,

  • Lacking experience in the realm of teaching and learning,

  • Portraying a know-it-all attitude, or

  • Demonstrating indecisiveness in their decision-making processes.


A Workshop on Managing Up in School

In EmpowerED, you'll learn to: 

Is this workshop right for you?

EmpowerED is an engaging, live workshop tailored for teachers. This isn't a session where you'll passively absorb information and then feel left to fend for yourself.


Instead, you'll be actively involved in developing your skills to manage up effectively within the school environment.

By the end of this workshop, you'll understand how to navigate the complexities of influence in schools. You'll leave with a clear strategy for empowering your role as an educator, allowing you to make a meaningful impact on your students and your educational community.

You SHOULD join if:

Your goal is to empower educators to share their best practices beyond their classrooms, fostering a culture of collaboration.

You're searching for effective strategies to influence school decisions positively.

You believe that a top-down approach isn't the only way to drive meaningful change in education.

You want to harness your leadership skills to advocate for innovative teaching approaches.

You're passionate about creating a more collaborative and empowering school environment where educators' voices are heard and valued.

You're committed to disrupting policies, practices, and mindsets that might limit the flow of ideas and best practices in education.

You may want to RECONSIDER if:

You're not passionate about the idea of empowering educators and influencing leaders to see liberation beyond classrooms.

(The EmpowerED workshop is tailored for those enthusiastic about this mission.)

You're not committed to implementing managing up strategies in schools for the long run.


Presented by Bobby Morgan,
Founder & CEO at Liberation Lab

Bobby has been immersed in education for over 15 years in various capacities, from classroom teacher to school board. His journey through the educational landscape has been defined by a relentless commitment to fostering transformative change. As a visionary educational consultant and speaker, Bobby empowers educators and leaders to become disruptors using culturally responsive teaching, restorative practices, and social justice education. Through Liberation Lab, his pioneering initiative, he tirelessly advocates for inclusive and equitable educational experiences to uplift communities.

Upcoming Events

EmpowerED: A Workshop on Managing Up In School
EmpowerED: A Workshop on Managing Up In School
Oct 21, 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM EDT
Online Workshop
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