School Workshops

Through our workshops, coaching, and lecture series, we help build equitable systems, directly impacting student outcomes. 

The Liberated Educator

The summer of 2020 was eye-opening for many districts. Brought to the forefront were the pre-existing inequities of our educational institutions.

  • Black and Brown students were being largely ignored in our policies and practices.

  • The racialized violence of our world coupled with a global pandemic brought to the surface that we desperately need change in our schools.

To begin this work, educators need to be equipped with the frameworks necessary that will lead to long lasting change.

This workshop will:

  • arm educators with the dispositions necessary to move equity from merely aspirational to actual.

  • provide an overview of how race and racism can impact learning

  • examine implicit bias and provide resources for the ongoing work of liberation 

Teacher and Young Student
Teenage Students Raising Hands

The Liberated Classroom

According to a study, 20% of cases of misbehavior can be attributed to academic deficits.


These unwanted behaviors that arise in classrooms are often exacerbated by the power structures in schools. Districts desire better student outcomes yet fail to center the most vulnerable - the students.


  • Carrot-and-stick discipline does not work. Our attempts to refine these practices only harms our students and their community.

  • So what does a classroom that actually centers students look like? What practices can an educator actually put in place to empower students?

This workshop will:

  • give educators the toolkit necessary to build a truly restorative framework for their classroom.

  • provide an action plan for building community within the classroom

  • resources for community circles and empowering student voice