Our Story

Founded in 2021, Liberation Lab is an educational and DEI consulting firm based in the Greater Philadelphia region. The struggle of being silenced and a deep desire to be a part of a greater movement for liberation in Black and Brown communities served as the catalyst establishing this firm. Experiencing progress set to the pace of a complacent leadership, Bobby decided he would never place what's best for marginalized communities in the hands of those who won't prioritize their needs. Through heart level coaching, transformational workshops, and community centered accountability, Liberation Lab builds pathways of liberation in Black and Brown neighborhoods through reimagined education.

Our Services

In the Classroom

For Schools

Services include:

  • Coaching

  • Workshops & Professional Development​​

    • Some of our workshops topics:​

      • Restorative Practices​

      • Becoming A Culturally Responsive Educator

      • Antiracism and You

      • Building Bridges to your Community

  • Curriculum & Framework Design

  • Strategic Planning

  • Equity Audit