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What is The Liberated Educator  ?


Our school systems have operated in the status quo, allowing for harmful practices to flourish, disproportionately affecting Black and Brown students. Rinse, wash, and repeat. Schools reveal their focus for the year, ensuring teacher compliance regardless of the cost. This is further reinforced by the multiple identities teachers believe they must try on in hopes of mastering the art of teaching. Whether it's the cool teacher, the no-nonsense teacher or the disengaged teacher, they all share one thing in common - you are fooled into believing that you are not enough. Without disruption, teachers will continue to head for the exit in record numbers. Your desire to excel at teaching means you must reclaim the belief that you are equipped for this work. 

In "The Liberated Educator" Cohort, your focus will be your mindset, your mission, and your management on your path to becoming a more disruptive educator. In these four weeks, you'll gain the tools necessary to be the educator you and your students need.

Through heart-level coaching and active learning, participants will develop critical competencies in three areas: 

  • Mindset

    • we'll interrogate our personal cultural identity and its impact on educational practice​

    • we'll practice and reflect on a system of intently listening to our students

    • we'll examine behavior as communication

  • Mission

    • develop the belief that students’ cultural background and existing knowledge can help bridge new learning.

    • implement a framework for lesson pivoting

    • assess our personality traits and develop a personalized plan for liberation

  • Management

    • obtain actionable steps for developing an inclusive community within your class

    • develop a restorative framework for the classroom

    • abolish exclusionary practices

Every Monday in April
7:30 PM EST

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