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Founded in 2021, Liberation Lab is an educational and JEDI consulting firm based in the Greater Philadelphia region.  Every effort to build liberatory and antiracist practices within was set to the pace of a complacent leadership. Bobby decided he would never place what's best for marginalized communities in the hands of those who refuse to prioritize their needs. Liberation Lab is fueled by the conviction that culturally responsive school leaders and teachers are the key to student flourishing. We empower teachers and school leaders with customized culturally responsive tools that eliminate guesswork and promote equity. 


Bobby Morgan, M.Ed.

Bobby Morgan is a principal, writer, speaker, and consultant who works with other educators and administrators to promote equity and culturally responsive teaching practices. With over a decade in education, primarily in under-resourced populations, Bobby is passionate about cultivating the brilliance that already exists in Black and Brown communities. He holds a B.S. in Elementary Education with Math Specialization from Kean University and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership from William Paterson University of New Jersey. 
Bobby desires to change the educational landscape through coaching, workshops, and meaningful professional development, ensuring student success pathways. In addition to his work within academic institutions, Bobby works as an educational advocate partnering with allies in the fight for equitable policies and legislative priorities for all students. He founded Liberation Lab, an educational consulting firm to build internal and external accountability pathways. Internal accountability for teachers to put liberatory practices to work, immediately benefitting student outcomes. External accountability empowers parents and families with resources to hold schools accountable for more than equity aspirations.

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