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Building Disruptive Educators.

Dynamic Keynotes, Workshops, & Masterminds to Elevate Student Success, Empower Educators, and Cultivate Trailblazing Leaders.

Our schools are suffering.

School climate and culture are crumbling under the weight of inequity. Punitive systems are being used on children without understanding their needs. This deficit leaves teachers and school leaders feeling overwhelmed. What if our schools could reclaim their intended purpose as safe and inclusive spaces?


What is Liberation Lab?

Become the school your community needs. 

Break free from the failing one-size-fits-all approach to education. We'll create a tailored professional development plan meeting your staff's needs. Boost teacher morale, ignite their passion, and witness improved student outcomes.

Remove Doubt

Escape the frustrating guessing game of ineffective professional development. Empower teachers with the confidence of best practices that are both inclusive and practical. Provide them with proven strategies that remove doubt and empower students to thrive.

Restore Hope 

Combat teacher overwhelm and prepare them for the challenges of a changing education system. Equip them with our customized, culturally responsive tools, providing the support needed to restore joy, ignite hope, and enhance student outcomes in the classroom.

Rebuild Culture

Step out of the frustrating guessing game of ineffective professional development. Empower teachers with the confidence of practical and inclusive best practices. Equip them with proven strategies that eliminate doubt and empower students to thrive.




Meet Bobby Morgan, an acclaimed speaker and visionary educational consultant dedicated to igniting transformative change within educators. 

With his captivating and thought-provoking presentations, Bobby empowers audiences to take bold action and elevate their impact on the world.

Passionate about education and driven by a mission to build disruptive educators, Bobby works tirelessly to equip professionals with the skills and mindset needed to excel in their roles. His engaging and fun approach to professional development inspires participants to embrace innovative teaching methods.

Specializing in serving educators at all levels, Bobby's expertise shines when working with those serving in urban and culturally diverse communities. He believes that every student deserves a chance to thrive, and through his guidance, he helps educators create inclusive, supportive, and transformative learning environments.

Bobby's contagious enthusiasm for education radiates whether on stage, in the classroom, or through personalized coaching sessions. His commitment to nurturing the potential of educators and students fosters a lasting positive impact on the future of learning.


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Join a community of school leaders who are embarking on their journey toward educational justice.

Let's connect for a 20-minute call to explore your school's unique needs, walk you through our proven process, and assess if we're the perfect match to achieve your goals.

If we both agree that our services align with your school's needs, we'll provide you with a personalized proposal. Once the proposal is accepted, we'll send a contract that outlines the agreed-upon terms

Let's schedule your empowering keynote, tailored workshops, or mastermind sessions to cultivate a safe and inclusive environment where students thrive.


"Bobby is incredibly passionate about making institutional spaces inclusive and equitable for absolutely everyone. He is not only a great listener but works to craft content that meets people where they are and pushes them to also critically think. He is infatuated with liberation in all ways, shapes, and forms."

Krystal Hardy Allen,

Author & CEO, K. Allen Consulting

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Bobby, a sought-after speaker, and presenter, excels at effectively conveying complex topics in actionable ways.

Speaking Videos

Speaking Videos
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Equity and Justice in Grading

Equity and Justice in Grading

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Hold On To Hope

Hold On To Hope

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Bobby is clearly a skilled communicator and facilitator of meaningful discussions.

Mariam Murtuza, Ph.D. - TX

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